We started AppDevy to simplify the process for people to have a great website or application. We do more then design and develop. We are a team of creatives that want to define your brand. Build you something great so that you can grow your business, or get funding, or get aquired. We look long term, your app or website is just the beginning.

We are far from traditional.

We don't work 9-5. Sometimes our best work is at 3am. We don't always work at our offices and we are not tied to a desk. The project we are working on dictates where we need to be and who we collaborate with.

We take on a limited number of clients at one time. We do this so we can give each one the focus and time it needs.

We take your idea and make it into a great product. Design and simplicity is what always wins in products, applications, and companies. We don't bloat products with features that your end users wont use. We determine exactly what needs to go into a product. We are the experts and thats why you are bringing your idea to us. You dont tell your doctor what to do when he performs surgery on you, do you?

We only work with people who have a clear vision of the problem they want to solve and how we can help. Whether its design, development, strategy, raising funds, we need you to tell us exactly how we can help.

Every project that is presented to us is different. With that being said, how we work on each project is different. We don't have a certain process set in stone. Bottom line is, we do whatever it takes to build something great, that looks beautiful and performs brilliantly.

With early stage startups we prefer that you have raised some seed funding or can fund the project yourself. Our goal is to build you something impressive and then take to investors to raise funds at a much larger scale.

We build and launch products ourselves. We spend alot of time figuring out what people want and what they dont want. We can usually tell right away which direction we want to take your idea and create something that people will love.