TÊTE Charcuterie

Website Development, Custom Wordpress Theme, Ecommerce Store

We did a complete overhaul for one of Chicago's hottest restaurants. We started off by rebuilding the site from scratch. Then we turned the site into a fully custom wordpress theme. It's safe to say thatTÊTE Charcuterie, is really happy with the results.

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Web application

German American Services contacted us to build a reservation system for them. The catch was it had to be done in less then a month. Typically apps with a ton of moving parts take much longer then that. Our team worked around the clock to get it done. The app has over 10,000 visits in a month.

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Chicago Builders Association

Web Development, Custom CMS

We revamped the Chicago Builders Association website. We also built out a fully custom CMS. We were very happy with the results and so were they.

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Venture Esquire

Website Development, Design, Branding & Logo

Startup attorney Nick Gibson reach out to us and we gave him a killer logo and website.

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Product Development, Custom Mobile OS, Hardware Design

Building a solar powered mobile phone that doesn't rely on carriers is no easy task. The product is still under heavy development. The project is currently on JumpStart Fund. JumpStart is run by Dirk Alhborn. Dirk is the CEO of Elon Musk's Hyperloop.

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